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obama 1 in powerful swing states like virginia, but it was costly in money and mood. >> we may battled fiercely, but only because we love this country so much. >> it was a bitter pill to swallow for a gop that thought it could win the grass roots and game. mitt romney today left his boston hotel without comment choosing to let last night to mark sum up his disappointment. >> i still wish i had been able to fulfill your hopes, but the nation chose another leader. >> the electoral was hired in the popular vote margin. president phoned leaders on the -- on both sides of the aisle talking about how to get past the partisan bickering that has made the last congress one of the least effective in decades. @ fiscal cliff we keep talking about means there is no time to rest. we will explain that further at 6:00. we will also talk about breeze then statements being made by republican -- brazen statements being made by republican party elders. >> thank you so much, scott. stock prices have fallen after the election, closing at the worst level of the year. the dow jones ended at 12,932. co
% of president obama in 2008. prince william is seen as an early indicator. >> i would love to think that loudoun county is a slice of america. >> i would like to think that something that we do is based on a lot of good thinking and a lot of prayer. that would be great. >> back to prince william county many are observing something else about this year's elections. >> more than i ever seen. >> there is a lot of enthusiasm here. many of the poll workers here are saying there are senate similar to 2008 levels as well. -- they are seeing at levels 2008 as well. >> in maryland, it might not be the presidential election driving people to the polls. there many important questions on the ballot this year. three of them have sparked controversy, especially in prince george's county. >> it is one of the busier polling places in the county. just yet, but i suspect there will be. what we are hearing from people is that you do not have to twist their arms to get them to vote today. we have seen the signs everywhere. from the moment the polls open, turnout has been strong. caroline's at most locations. -- the
, in my lifetime. >> president obama and narrowly won virginia in 2008 by a mere six percentage points. crowds have gathered here today to galvanize and be sure that does not happen again. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> mitt romney is not the only candidate fighting in virginia. vice-president joe biden started his warning along side tim kaine in sterling. both campaigns invested heavily this time around. >> voters in battleground virginia will be the first in the area with polls opening at 6:00 a.m. and closing at 7:00 p.m.. let us know if you see anything out there are any problems out there for long lines are machine malfunctions. just click on our website or send us an e-mail. >> let's switch to the other big story this week, and that is the weather. >> there are concerns about nor'easter heading for the east coast. >> doug hill is tracking the storm from the weather center. what is the latest to have seen there? >> there is no storm yet. tomorrow at the storm will rapidly intensify and head north toward. we expect a cold night here. welcome back to eastern standard time.
with that terror attack. scott freeman will have more the scandal.ving >> president obama at seeing firsthand the devastation that remains. they met with people still power, and he vowed to with them until the rebuilding is complete. donations have come from all country without are pitching here in. >> president obama was able to helicopter over some of area to see how extensive the destruction was. people continue to roll up their sleeves and find all kinds of different ways to help those victims. these students at the middle school were already hard at , backpacks with toiletries, toys, school supplies, and more still suffering. it was the seventh grader that thed her principal how middle schoolers could help. her cousins fled from the storm. >> she was looking at pictures and started crying. i wanted to do whatever i could help. >> a national nonprofit based in whose founders started the .peration >> our son was watching the in he was really and wanted toad help. >> as these students were helping, president obama met first responders, families, and local officials. >> we are going to be he
president obama. the president is back on the campaign trail in three battleground states after a three-day break because of superstarorm sandy. he said mitt romney is not the agent of change he claims to be. the president will hold a rally in colorado. >> mitt romney made campaign stops across virginia. he argued that country needs a president that understands. he said he is the candidate who does. we will have more details from the campaign trail of both candidates. >> no information on a high- profile robbery. we will see how police are investigating. >> thewe are live in national. we will take into the red carpet at the cma awards. later at we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care. mainly i was thinking t about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same thing he gave us. nothing. anncr: priorities usa action i
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5